Interview with Bobert of Beard Oil Pledge – Peregrine Supply Co.
Interview with Bobert of Beard Oil Pledge

Interview with Bobert of Beard Oil Pledge

Almost 6 months ago, I met Bobert.

I had received an email, wondering if I would be into having him review our beard oils, and a number to call to speak further. I didn't recognize the area code, and googled it. Google said that he was in Toronto, so I called, allowing for the 3 hour difference. The phone rang a number of times, and finally Bobert answered.


"Hey Bobert, it's Tyler from Peregrine Supply. I'm just responding about your email about the beard oil"

"It's 3 in the morning, mate.."

And that's when I discovered that Bobert was Australian. Needless to say, I apologized profusely like a good Canadian. Bobert was gracious enough to continue the conversation, and we shipped him a bottle of our Orient Spice Beard Oil. After what seemed like the longest shipping wait ever, I received a message that Bobert had received the beard oil. A few days ago, I heard back that the review was ready, and I encourage you to read it here, as Bobert's methodology and writing style are certainly something unique.

After reading the article, we decided that we had to find out more about Bobert and his mission to bring the best beard oils from around the world to the masses, read on!


Q:  Tell us about yourself (ie; whats a typical day like for you, what do you do for fun)

B: I have 50 percent split custody of my kids, so half the week I'm a single dad - the other half I'm single. We tend to spend a lot of time playing chess and training martial arts. Those are our things.

Q: What do you do for a living or is this your full time thing?

B: Up until a couple of years ago I was an IT project manager, then I started developing a couple of online businesses which quickly started gaining traction.

Q: What was the first beard oil you purchased?

B: The woody scent from Bearded Bastard :)

Q:  What beard oil are you currently using right now?

 B: Believe it or not, yours!

Q: Tell us about your project, what is it, how does it work, what was the inspiration

B: At the beginning of this year I realized I had enough income from my online businesses to meet my basic needs. That is to pay the mortgage, the bills, groceries, etc. I'd also spent the last year or so being very frugal with myself and living a very bare bones lifestyle. I started to come to the realization that the less I had, the happier I was. I was searching for an idea for my next project, which I specifically wanted to use the power of the internet to direct money to charity. So I combined my penchant for beard oils with my philanthropic inclination and came up with The Beard Oil Pledge.

The idea is very simple - once the site is fully monetized - I just deduct the running costs and give the rest away to 3 charities, which I picked because they focus on kids in poor regions of the world.

Q: How could someone get involved in the project?

B: All they have to do is email

Q: How did you come up with your testing for the beard oils?

B:Having a background in project management, I had the notion that everything should be approaching logically with a 'methodology'. So I used my whiteboard at home to nut out all the criteria that I thought would need to be tested in fully evaluating a beard oil and came up with the Beard Oil Review Methodology. I believe it's unique.

Q: What do you hope the outcome of your project is? 

B: The goal is $300,000 to charity over the first 3 years and then a continuously spinning charitable engine that harnesses the power of beard oil to improve the lives of the poorest kids around the world.

Bonus Question: Favorite misconception people have about Australia. 

B: That it's hot! While it can get quite balmy up in Queensland, here in Sydney it is very much a coastal region - so most of the year it's grey or raining. In fact, Sydney can be very marsh-like. I've never been as sick as I have living here!

To follow along with Bobert on his journey, visit his website:

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