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Our Father's Day 2018 Ultimate Gift Guide

Our Father's Day 2018 Ultimate Gift Guide

Chances are you have a man in your life who fills the "Father-figure" role for you. Be it your biological dad, an uncle, a mentor, they deserve to be appreciated. Luckily for us - there's a day just for it.

We've picked some of the most awesome gifts for dad from across the internet (and beyond!). They're sure to go perfectly with the other recommendations that we've made for the big day.

For the Dapper Dan - His choice of grooming kit, plus one more 50% off.

Shameless plug time! We think that your Dad deserves better than the drugstore products that he's using at the moment. To make that easier than ever, we're putting our kits on sale. Grab one for him, and get a second Grooming Kit for 50% off. Just use the code DADDIO50!

From $20 - peregrinesupply.com


For the Fisherman - Norquay Artisan Paddles

Make your dad the coolest guy on the lake. These beautiful paddles by Norquay are made from solid cherry and painted here in Canada. The designs are inspired by Northern heritage and traditions and are sure to be a favourite family heirloom.

$385 - norquayco.com


For the Storyteller - My Life Story, So Far

This journal is the perfect thing for a man with a story for every occasion. The journal is uniquely designed into 9 sections. Beginning with "Early Years", each section is filled with thought-provoking prompts to capture the memoirs of a loved one.

$39 - uncommongoods.com


For the Pizza Aficionado - the Uuni 3 Wood Fired Oven 

It's a sunny afternoon in the not-so-distant future. You're in the backyard with you old man, shooting the breeze.

Actually, scratch that - you're at the lake (This is a portable one, after all). A pale ale in your hand, and the sun on your face. You reach into your Uuni 3 and pull out a piping-hot, wood-fired pizza for your old man - just the way he likes it.

Don't subject your dad to lackluster pizzas any longer. The Uuni 3 heats to a blazing 932°F for perfectly-cooked, wood-fired pizza in 60 seconds flat

$300 - Huckberry.com


For the 'Keys-loser' - Tile Bluetooth Tracker

If your dad is like mine (and me, let's be honest) this one is sure to come in handy. The Tile Slim is an extremely low-profile Bluetooth tracker to keep tabs on the items that always seem to go missing. From keys to wallets, the small device will help your dad track down those pesky items.

From $30 - thetileapp.com


For the Globetrotter - Adesso Classic Weekender Bag

Designed in Canada by our friends at Adesso Accessories, this top-grain cowhide leather bag is the perfect thing for a man on the go. The interior is lined with premium suede, and fits the carry-on specs for most airlines so dad is never delayed.

$210 - adessoman.com


For the Million-Dollar Dad - Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 911

This one is a bit of a long shot (at least now!), but if you want to really show Dad that he means the world, I'm sure that one of these will do. Re-imagined by the visionaries at Singer, these vintage styled Porsche 911's are the last word in style and substance

$350,000+ - singervehicledesign.com




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