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Starfish Packs

On April 28th it's Katrina's birthday- one of our founders! To celebrate we're donating all sales from our website that day to Starfish Packs.

Starfish packs is a local organization here in Vancouver that provides at-risk children with food for the weekend. This organization is entirely volunteer led. Since so many students relied on their school's to provide their only meal of the day, our local chapter has pivoted and is now supplying families with food for the week, instead of just the weekend. We love that our local chapter has stepped up to the plate and is filling a need within our community, and we want to help them raise the necessary funds to keep this going! 

How it works


On April 28th, all profits from the website will be donated to our local chapter. All you need is to do is shop as normal, and we'll take care of the rest. On that day we will not be offering free shipping, as we want to be able to donate as much as possible!  


At the end of the day we'll tally up the sales and let you know how much we were able to donate! 


We can't wait to partner with you!


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