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Flight Club Whole Bean Espresso - Peregrine Supply x Heights Coffee Co.


Introducing Peregrine's first ever foray into the world of coffee! Our Flight Club Espresso Roast was crafted in collaboration by the roasters at Heights Coffee Co.  


We wanted to create a delicious and well rounded cup of coffee, and the team over at Heights Coffee made it happen! This single origin blend is made with specially selected Tanzanian Peaberry. The flavour profile is a delicious blend of earthy and citrus flavours. Freshly roasted, and ready to make your mornings a little bit more special! 

This is a limited edition blend, so be sure to grab your before we sell out. 


Quick Notes:

-Coffee Type: Whole Bean

-Flavour Profile: Earthy & Citrusy 

-Origin: Tanzania 

-Roast: Dark Roast/Espresso


What's Awesome About It?


-This single origin blend is a direct trade coffee. That means the team over at Heights Coffee, knows exactly where this coffee comes from, who grew it and what the conditions of the farm it was grown on are! We think that's pretty awesome!

-Locally roasted right here in Burnaby. That means the coffee comes to you fresh!

-Our coffee roast is made with Peaberry! Only about 5-10% of a typical harvest is made up of peaberries! These are typically hand sorted from the rest of the crop. The Peaberry is said to have a more rich and complex flavour.

-This blend is so exclusive that we literally can't make it again! The team at Heights Coffee worked really hard to source this coffee for us, but only a very small amount was available! So this limited edition blend truly is one of a kind, and once it's gone! It's gone!

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