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Dillon's Tonic Cocktail Syrup


If you're like us, you love a good Gin & Tonic! The problem we kept running into though was that we would open a new can or bottle of tonic, and then either not use  it all because we didn't want our cocktails to be too sweet or end up making our cocktails too sweet because we didn't want to waste the tonic. 

The folks over at Dillon's created the perfect solution with their Tonic Cocktail Syrup. It's the perfect combination of bitter and sweet. It's great because you can add tonic to your taste, so if you like your cocktail sweeter you can add more, and if you like your cocktail to be more bitter than you can add less!

This Tonic Cocktail Syrup is made in Canada, and each tin makes around 30 drinks! Once opened you can leave it in the fridge for up to three months.

Their recipe includes citrus peels, gentian, cinchona, juniper, coriander and other botanicals, it is sweetened using organic cane sugar.

This is a great gift for the bartender in your life. You can also use it in baking to add unique flavour! 

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