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Park Ranger Candle


Lightly scented, made with a coconut soy wax blend, these wooden wick candles are the perfect way to add a little hygge to your day.

We worked through countless sessions to arrive at this blend, which inspired a feeling of connection with nature like none other. A woodsy base of Cedarwood and Patchouli is complemented by resinous tones of Cedar Leaf, Spruce and Lemon.

Candles are 12oz



-Wooden wicks make a gentle crackling sound while burning 

-Our wicks are  eco-friendly and clean burning, these hand-crafted Wooden Wicks are made from fruit trees sourced in the USA from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-Certified Mills

-Our candles are lightly scented with essential oils

-Each 12oz  candle will burn for approximately 50 hours 

-Our candles are made in rocks glasses so when you're done burning them you can repurpose the vessel

Coconut-Soy Blend Wax, Essential Oil Blend

If you're new to Wooden wicks they require a little bit more care than traditional wicks. 

For best results prior to burning your candle ensure that the wick has been trimmed to 1/8''. 

The first burn is your most important burn, make sure you let that candle burn until it has a full melt pool. That means the melted wax touches the edges, this should take about 2 hours. 

We recommend always burning your candle to achieve a full melt pool, this will help you to avoid tunnelling! 

Wooden wicks need to be trimmed after burning, allow your candle to cool completely before trimming the wick. 

Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time, and never leave them unattended

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