Birdwatching - Fathers Day Double Feature

On this episode of Birdwatching, Andrei and Tyler put some thought into what their dad's love most, and it came down to whiskey and red meat! They boys start with a little Whiskey 101, and then head to the grill for some cheap and cheerful tricks for a better steak.

For the whiskey part of the episode, Andrei and I break down some classic whiskey types, including Bourbon, Rye, Scotch and Japanese Whiskey. For the beginner whiskey drinker, Bourbon is your best best. Its sweet, honey flavour is great neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. Rye has a more 'whiskey-forward' flavour, with spicy notes and a more boozy taste. Next comes scotch, 'the OG whiskey-drinker's whiskey', its strong peaty, campfire notes are best served neat, or with a few drops of water. Scotch is best for the seasoned whiskey drinker, and is a bot more foreboding than the first two. Finally, we wrap things up with Nikka from the Barrel, a Japanese take on Scotch. Nikka has a different peat characteristic, and is much more fiery than the classic. This brand-new (relatively) whiskey is great neat, and has swept the whiskey world, making it a great way to bond with you old man over something a bit different.


At the grill, we break down a sirloin roast to make our own steaks, only much cheaper. A bit of salt the night before, and some careful cutting yields the best meat you can get for the money. 

Have a good Father's Day guys and thanks for reading,


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