Subscription FAQ – Peregrine Supply Co.

Subscription FAQ

Our subscriptions are a great way to save on your favourite products, and take the hassle out of running out!

How often do products come to me?

You can decide the frequency of your shipments either from your account, or when you create the subscription from any product page.

You can decide on anywhere from 1 to 4 months between shipments.

How to I subscribe to products?

Subscribing to your favourites is easy! Simply head to any product page, and instead of "One-Time Purchase", select "Subscribe and Save". From there, simply select your desired frequency, and then add the item to your cart.


How do I cancel/edit subscriptions?

If you want to cancel or modify your subscription, you can do so from your account. From there, you can add products to your subscription, or remove them, as well as change the frequency, or change any information like delivery addresses, or billing information.


Is there a minimum number of shipments?

Yes - we do require that subscribers are sent 2 shipments before they are allowed to cancel the subscription. This is to prevent abuse of the subscription system, and allows us to continue to offer great discounts, and more, to our subscribers.


Can I skip or delay shipments?

Of course! If you need to skip, cancel or modify shipments, just visit your account, and follow the instructions there.