Introducing Peregrine Drops

Hey Peregrine community, Tyler here!

As some of you may have sensed, 2024 has been off to a difficult start here at Peregrine. Times are tough for lots of small businesses, and ours is no different.

On top of that, both Katrina and I have also started new careers, and are now intending to move from our current home in Vancouver to another in the coming weeks.


This all takes time away from us that used to be devoted to keeping Peregrine running at the level that we all came to expect in years past. 

In order to continue to offer the products that you, our customers, have grown to love, we are intending to switch to a more seasonal model in 2024.

Introducing Drops.


What's the deal?

Peregrine will shift from 24/7 availability to several ‘Drops’ over the course of the year. During each Drop, we will open as usual for a week or two, accept orders and fulfill them, and then close our doors once the drop is done.

This will allow us to better budget our limited time, and offer better service and availability than we have for the past few months.

We are anticipating doing 3-4 drops in 2024, with the first likely coming in May or early June. We will remain open as normal until Feb. 25, so treat this as a trial Drop. After Feb. 25, we will be closed until the next Drop in early summer.


Will all products be available?

It is unlikely that all products will be available for each Drop. We intend to offer our most popular products like Beard Oils and Balms, but less popular options may not appear in each Drop. We will continue to collect your feedback to ensure that our offerings are relevant to you.


What if I need product outside of a Drop?

We will continue to provide product to our retailers, who will be available at all times. Their prices and policies may differ than ours slightly, but they may also offer sales and discounts when we do not.

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