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Introducing Peregrine Drops

Introducing Peregrine Drops

Hey Peregrine community, Tyler here! As some of you may have sensed, 2024 has been off to a difficult start here at Peregrine. Times are tough fo...

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Meet the Founders

Hey There!

We're Tyler & Katrina, since 2015 we've been making Peregrine products in our studio near Vancuver, BC. What started as a small hobby has now expanded into a full time operation.

All our products are sustainably made, crafted in small batches without harsh or harmful ingredients. We don't test on animals. We've set our own strict standards for sustainability called the Guardian Model.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tyler & Katrina

Our Mission Behind the brand

Why Peregrine?

We started back in 2015 because we wanted to create a company that promoted healthy, well rounded  men's culture. A brand that didn't rely on traditional or hyper-masculine stereotypes, but instead allowed people to live authentically. We wanted to offer an alternative to what we were seeing in the market currently and create a community where all beards were welcomed.