Peregrine started back in 2015 as a small side project between friends. Peregrine is owned and operated by husband and wife team Tyler Hill & Katrina Moscato-Hill. We wanted to be a company that promoted healthy, well rounded  men's culture, and that didn't rely on traditional or hyper-masculine stereotypes. We wanted to offer an alternative to what we were seeing in the market currently and create a community where all beards were welcomed. 

We are makers of modern functional grooming products. Everything we produce is handmade by us in small batches in Vancouver, BC. We craft unique scent blends inspired by the places we come from and the places we've visited. We are shaped by the world around us and Peregrine is the way we share our experiences and tell our story.

We're not rum runners, pirates or cowboys. We're real people, making real products, for real men.