Botanical Facts | Oats for a Smoother Shave?

At Peregrine, we've been using both ground oats (sometimes known as colloidal oats) and oat extracts in our products for years. A deep dive into the science of oats in skincare seems in order, don't you think?

Why use oats for skincare?

We use 2 main types of Oat-derived ingredients in our products. The first, and main focus here will be the ground oats that appear in our Shave & Face Soap. These oats are prepared by grinding them into an extremely fine powder, which is then sifted to remove large clumps or particles that need to be re-ground.

Oats have an "emollient" effect on skin, meaning that they will work to soothe inflammation, and hydrate skin by creating a thin film on the upper layer of skin. This barrier can help skin to recover from minor damage or imbalance (like razor burn or eczema).

Colloidal Oats have been seen to achieve the following for our skin:

Prevents Water Loss

Trans-epidermal Water Loss (or TEWL from now on) can be an issue for men's skin, and causes dryness, flakiness and itch. Colloidal Oats' protective film can help to reduce the amount of water loss, and improve overall hydration in our skin. In our Shave and Face Soap, the colloidal oats work to avoid dryness and itch before it occurs by protecting skin from water loss and other damage proactively.

Protects & Soothes Skin

Oats also contain cellulose and fibres that can help reduce redness and irritation. These compounds also help the oats to create a layer of protection and lubrication for skin while you shave, increasing glide, and reducing potential pulling, irritation and small cuts.

Reduces Redness

Finally, oats contain phenols that have been shown to have anti-oxidant and inflammatory effects on skin. For us, this means that the oats will soothe skin as you shave, as well as provide relief from any irritation post-shave as well.


So, next time you're munching on your granola bar, think of the wonderful oats!

Thanks for reading!

-Tyler at Peregrine

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