Botanical Facts - Our Preservative

Join us for another episode of Botanical Facts! This week, we're talking about how we make our products safe and effective, while still maintaining their eco-consciousness and suitability for most skin types.

What is it?

  • Our preservative was chosen with safety and sustainability in mind, and contains several common skincare ingredients like salicylic acid, and sorbic acid.
  • It’s an ECOCERT certified product, meaning it’s safe for the environment, and is certified by an external review for consistency and reliability.
  • It’s not tested on animals, nor does it contribute unwanted carcinogenic contaminants to our products, like formaldehyde or parabens.

Why use it?

  • Cosmetic products that contain water or may come into contact with water need a preservative to give them a shelf life and keep the product from going bad. 
  • There are lots of harsh preservatives being used in the cosmetics industry that can cause issues for sensitive skin, and are not great for the environment, or animal life.
  • Our blend is great because it is certified by EcoCert and is free of parabens, formaldehyde, and isothiazolone.
  • We can be confident that our products will be safe, and effectively preserved, without worrying about customers with sensitive skin, or sustainability issues!


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