Botanical Facts - Rosemary Extract for Skin & Hair

Join us for another episode of Botanical Facts! In this quick episode, Tyler breaks down the various uses for Rosemary Extract in skin, and hair, as well as how the actives are extracted.

What is Rosemary Extract?

This ingredient is easy to describe: Rosemary Extract is a botanical extract from the Rosemary plant. Here at Peregrine our Rosemary extract is made from the stems and leaves of the plant. 

The extract is made by extracting the desired active ingredients from Rosemary using solvents like alcohol. The alcohol is then removed to yield pure Rosemary extract.

Why use it?

Rosemary Extract contains several actives that are of use to us here at Peregrine. For skincare, we use Rosemary Extract's powerful anti-inflammatory effects to control redness and inflammation, especially after shaving. Rosemary Extract can also help to control acne, ingrown hairs and other blemishes, due to its natural anti-microbial effects.

In haircare, however, is where Rosemary Extract can really shine. Rosemary Extract's anti-inflammitory properties can also help to promote healing in the scalp to reduce itch, irritation and dryness that can lead to flakes and even hair loss.

In fact, in studies that compare Rosemary Extract with Minoxidil, the active ingredient in products like Rogaine, the groups exhibited very little difference at the end of the 6 week trial when it came to growth, but the group treated with Rosemary extracts exhibited less scalp itching over the course of the study.

Rosemary Extract also acts to improve circulation in the scalp, which yields a host of benefits to the hair, as well as the scalp itself.

So, the end result of using Rosemary in haircare is two-fold: your scalp will be healthy and less prone to itch and irritation, as well as problem skin like dandruff, and your hair will be stronger and resist breakage better. Your hair may also grow in thicker over time, due in part to the increased circulation in the scalp, among other effects of the actives in Rosemary Extracts.

Thanks for reading!

-Tyler at Peregrine

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