Botanical Facts | Seaweed Extract: Skincare from the Sea

If you happen to be lucky enough to have been able to visit the coast when you were a kid, you may have been told about the seaweed that pops when you squeeze it. This seaweed is Bladderwrack, sometimes also known as Sea Oak, and the air pockets that pop so pleasingly are actually a critical part of the reproduction process of the seaweed. (Luckily squeezing the balloons doesn't generally hurt the process!)

Humans have collected the seaweed, which grows all across the Northern Hemisphere, for centuries. For years, the seaweed was also one of the only sources of iodine pure enough to use in medicine! 

But that's enough history - why would we use extracts made from this versatile green in skincare?

Why use Seaweed Extract?

Bladderwrack contains a useful anti-inflammatory component, called Fuciodan. This compound is great at reducing redness in the skin, as well as promoting skin elasticity. This means that skin resists the formation of finer lines and wrinkles, and stays younger-looking, longer. The extract has also been shown to cleanse pores, which can help to control ingrown hairs.

In our Shaving products, where we use Seaweed Extract, this combination of working short-term to reduce redness, irritation and blemishes, alongside the longer-term effect of improving skin tone and elasticity make it a great option to keep your skin looking younger and more even for years to come!

The Bladderwrack Extract is also great at reducing itch and irritation in inflamed skin as well, making it a great complement to any shaving routine.


So next time you slip on some Bladderwrack at the beach, remember everything that's going on behind the scenes!

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-Tyler at Peregrine

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