Classic Cocktail Series - The Negroni & Friends – Peregrine Supply Co.
Classic Cocktail Series - The Negroni & Friends

Classic Cocktail Series - The Negroni & Friends

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When we decided to feature the Negroni on our first episode of our new Cocktails series, we did so to capture the essence of the old-style cocktail. The Negroni is mixed with 3 simple ingredients, and works well as the case study for booze-only cocktails.

The origin story of the Negroni is a bit fuzzy, probably originating in Florence, Italy. What we are sure of though, is the bright, bitter citrus notes of the Negroni make it the perfect before-dinner drink as the weather warms. We also feature the Negroni's French Cousin, the Lucien Gaudin.

Check out the video below for the proportions, and more tips from Andrei and I.

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