Growth is There

Growth seems to come during times of adversity or change. There are moments like graduation where growth is expected, but I’ve learned that the most meaningful moments of growth come unexpectedly, when we have no choice but to adapt. Often we’re pushed to our limits, and we find ourselves in unfamiliar situations that can seem daunting, but end up providing a wealth of self-discovery. These are the moments we reflect on most; they define us.

A year ago, I was in one of those unexpected times of change. Even though I'd landed my dream job and virtually completed my 'to-do' list, I was stuck wondering, what was next? I hadn't planned past that point and was jarred by how dissatisfied I was after achieving everything I’d wanted.

I remember sitting on the edge of security, longing to know what would happen if I jumped: Would I survive the impact? Could I live without knowing what to expect? The monotony of day-to-day life bored me, but also lessened my anxieties regarding the future. It was comfortable to be safe.

In a sense, I'd outgrown my dream.

I made the decision to quit my job and devote myself full time to Peregrine. While by no means easy, it yielded a season of intense growth. One of the most important things I realized was how much I'd structured my life around security. I'd thought I needed weekly pay-cheques to survive, but I began to see the value in living off savings and investing in your dreams. Trusting others also became easier, as I saw people who didn't fully understand my choices lend their support and guidance. During all of this, I could feel myself changing into who I wanted to be. 


I don’t know your road, but I know that growth is there, it just might be a little uncomfortable.

This is my story, but what’s yours? What was a season where you experienced an unexpected change that lead to growth?

Keep climbing,


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