Man-Wrapping for Movember - An Explainer – Peregrine Supply Co.
Man-Wrapping for Movember - An Explainer

Man-Wrapping for Movember - An Explainer

For some, getting gifts that are quickly (and usually badly) wrapped at the last minute is a part of their Christmas tradition. Like you guys, I've never really been a gifted gift wrapper (get it, gifted?), but this year, we've decided to embrace our clumsy fingers and mis-matched giftwrap to benefit a great cause for men around the world.

Enter, our Man-Wrapping Fundraiser, in partnership with the Movember Foundation. The program is quite simple, really. All orders over $35 qualify, and will be lovingly man-wrapped by our team, and shipped to you all ready to be placed under the tree. We'll also donate $3 from each of these orders to the Movember Foundation to help benefit men's health, both here in Canada, and worldwide.

So, join us this year in the festivities and get your Peregrine products man-wrapped for a good cause.

Cheers to the season!

Tyler at Peregrine

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