Other Uses for Beard Balms

Our Beard Balms are incredibly versatile, thanks to a winning round-up of ingredients. Here are our favourite uses for Beard Balm, to show that a little tin goes a long way.

1. Low-Hold Conditioning and Styling

Our Beard Balms work great in hair too! The beeswax means that you'll get some easy, breezy control, to keep curls defined and frizz away. The balm is also packed with conditioners that will soften and condition your hair, as well as keep your scalp moisturized, and itch-free.

If you're looking for a glossier look, but aren't a fan of high-hold pomades or waxes, then a tin of Beard Balm might be for you.

2. Dry Skin, Hands and Feet

Our Beard Balms contain lanolin, a specialty ingredient that you don't see much of. It's a great skin conditioner, and is a key ingredient in high-end moisturizers and other skincare. 

Lanolin is actually secreted by sheep, and is a natural by-product of shearing them. (Humanely, or course.) The lanolin helps keep the sheep's skin healthy and strong, and helps with the healing of minor nicks and wounds.

On our skin, it can have much of the same effect; softening, hydrating and promoting the healing of minor nicks and scratches. Here in the Peregrine production space, I like to use a schmear of balm after a round of clean-up, when my hands have been stripped dry by cleansers and hot water. The balm isn't greasy, either, so I can actually use my hands right away, instead of waiting for it it soak in.

3. Tattoo Care

The ingredients that make our Beard Balms great at taking care of cracked, dry skin, also makes it a great option for caring for your ink.

For brand new tattoos that are still healing, stick with what your artist recommends to keep everything clean and healthy. But once that phase is over, apply liberally to keep your ink looking crisp and fresh, long-term. The balm will deeply moisturize, which helps to preserve the color and clarity of the original piece of art. You've got it for life, so be sure to take care of it!


Did we miss your favourite? Don't by afraid to leave us your recommendations below!

Thanks for reading!

-Tyler at Peregrine

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