Our Perfect BC-Made Craft Negroni

It's Negroni Week again, and we've done some careful sipping to pick the best ingredients for a BC-made Negroni. 

The Negroni is a cocktail that can definitely handle some modification, and there are probably hundreds of slightly different versions out there. We aimed to capture that bracingly bitter and citrus-y soul of the Negroni with our picks, but made sure to choose ingredients that bring something unique to the table.

The Gin

For our Gin, we went with Ampersand Distilling's Flagship Gin. It's got a perfect classic Gin aroma, and goes nicely in mixed drinks as well.

Ampersand's gin also comes along with some great evergreen and pine notes that mingle alongside the more traditional juniper. Coriander and Citrus keep things bright and lively, and work well with the Amaro.

The Aperitif

If you've been paying attention to our series, Thank God It's Happy Hour, you'll know that Woods Spirit Co's Pacific Northwest Amaro is a favourite around here. It balances the bitterness and sweetness well, and also contributes some additional Grand Fir notes to our PNW aromas.

The Vermouth

This was a new one for us, and we're glad we found it! Odd Society's Vermouth is allegedly based on an old Italian recipe, and contains a nice blend of bitterness and sweetness. It's made with BC wine, and fortified with Odd Society's own spirits, as well as 25 botanicals.

The Drink

This one is made the same as any other classic Negroni - mix in a ratio of 1:1:1 in a stirring glass, stir over ice and our over a single large cube. Garnish this one with an orange peel.

This is a great overall Negroni, the flavours are lively and come together nicely, blending the bitterness and citrus that the Negroni is known for with the lush aromas of evergreen. It's more complex that your standard-issue Negroni, but definitely retains it's approachable flavour and finish.


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