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Summertime Beard Care

Summertime Beard Care

Summer weather has finally joined us in this seemingly endless Groundhog-Day scenario, where I've been living the same day in April for 6 months. (and the sun couldn't be more welcome!)

But with the change in season, and the hotter weather that comes with it, your beard likely needs a change of pace. Here's our top pointers for keeping your beard soft, comfortable and under control at every wedding, pool party and BBQ this crazy summer can throw at you. (just don't forget the mask!)

Keep it clean

Just like boxing, your beard is better when it's clean. Leaving out the extra sweat, dirt and oils that can collect in your beard during the hotter months can make a big difference in combating itch, dryness and acne. In a pinch, shampoo or face wash can work, but for best results with more frequent washing, we do recommend picking up a dedicated Beard Wash.

The cleansers in a good Beard Wash will be milder than most Shampoos or Face Washes, and will also likely include some great conditioning benefit as well.

Don't forget to rinse

There are few simple pleasures better than hopping off the dock on a hot day - the cool water refreshes even the most tired and sun-beaten souls. But for your beard's sake, try to rinse off when you're done.

Freshwater poses the least risk, but can sometimes make your beard smell a little funky. The big culprits here are salt and chlorinated water - both can cause buildup in your beard, drying it out and potentially irritating the skin underneath.

And, as always, it's a good idea to follow up the rinse with a couple drops of any good Beard Oil, as it'll help to re-hydrate your skin, and replace and oils that might have been washed away. 

Keep up your diet

From fresh, seasonal fruits, to the wide world of grilling, summer brings with it a new slew of food and drink. Remember that your beard is an extension of your general health, and the better your diet and water intake, the happier your beard will be.

So, don't be afraid of a few cold ones, but don't let the hard work you put in year-round to care for your beard and body fall too far by the wayside.

Don't be afraid to trim

For some of us (present company included), hot weather can be something of a drag on our energy and temperament. If you feel like your face is always too hot, but you don't want to go the full 9 yards and shave, consider a quick trim.

Trimming away some of the bulk of your beard can help to allow more heat to escape your body, as well as deal with any beard hairs that get damaged by the sun. While your at it, a post-lockdown haircut might also be in order!


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