The 3 Step Beard Care System


With such a wide array of grooming products available for your beard, choosing the right ones and finding a routine that works for you can sometimes be a challenge. We've created our beard care products with a straightforward, daily ritual approach in mind. The three core products that we offer work together to care or and maintain your beard.

Step 1 - Clean

Cleaning your beard is obviously a must, especially as it grows longer. Sweat, dirt and other impurities can hide in your beard and cause everything from itchiness to acne and other skin problems. We've developed our Face and Beard Soap with the beard in mind, as opposed to a cleanser like body wash or shampoo, which can over-dry your beard and potentially aggravate itching or dandruff. We recommend washing your beard anywhere from 2 to 3 times weekly, to keep it clean and fresh, without overdoing it.

Step 2 - Restore and Moisturize

Beard Oil is the classic go-to for the bearded guy. The benefits are numerous, and we've covered them in greater detail in another post. I suggest applying beard oil every day, and usually do it right after the shower. The added moisture from the shower works well with the oil and hydrates better than usual. If you have a longer beard, a comb or brush can help to distribute the oil better across your whole beard.


Step 3 - Tame and Deeply Hydrate

Beard balm is the final step in our suggested regimen, and will help to tame your beard and keep it neat and tidy, while deeply hydrating and conditioning. If your have a shorter beard, a small amount of beard balm can insure that your skin is kept hydrated all day and can help fight against itchiness as well. For longer beards, balm is a must to ensure that your beard stays manageable and healthy looking for the long term. I personally use beard balm around an hour or so after using my beard oil, as it complements, without causing an oil feel or greasiness.


With our suggested regimen in mind, beard care can easily go from a daunting mess of different products and advice, to a simple habit that is easily done every morning. Your beard will thank you, beleive me.





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