What Does Beard Balm Do?

Most people these days have heard of Beard Oil, but there's another great product bearded people should know about, Beard Balm. While it's a great compliment to Beard Oil and can be used in combination with it, Beard Balm also has some standout qualities of its own.


What Does Beard Balm Do?

Beard Balm is great at being a deep conditioner for your beard. Beard Balm often contains waxes and butters that are made to penetrate the beard hair's themselves and make them softer and less coarse. 

Beard Balm is also great at giving your beard a bit more hold than beard oil, this helps keep your beard looking neat and tidy. 

We've also heard from our customers with shorter beards that in the winter our beard balm adds a thin layer of protection that helps shield against the wind.

Who Should Use Beard Balm?

We recommend that you use beard balm if you're looking to soften the beard hair, and help keep the hairs in place.

We don't recommend beard balm for people with very short beards (ie can still see the skin underneath the beard) because it can be a little heavy directly on the face. If you're still in the new stages of growing out a beard, we recommend beard oil because that's meant to help the skin underneath the beard. 


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