Winter Beard Care

Winter has come to our part of the world again, and with it comes a few new challenges for us beardsmen. The wind and cold, along with the drop in humidity, can do a number on your face and beard, bringing dryness, itchiness and a brittle beard. I thought I'd share some of my tips to winterize your beard.

1. Don't Overwash.

A good beard wash can be an indispensable tool to keep your beard clean and manageable. However, overwashing can strip your beard and skin of the precious natural oils that keep everything comfy and conditioned. I recommend washing at most every second day. Also, hot water can increase dryness on both your beard, and the rest of your body, so if you have to take piping hot showers, try to keep them shorter than usual, or keep your beard out from under the water as best you can.

2. Pick the Right Tools.

Beard Oils are wonderful tools, and can usually provide adequate moisturization and conditioning for most of the year. However, as the mercury drops, I find that using the right tools, in the right way, can help get your beard winter-ready. I find I get the best results from my beard oils when I work them down to the skin as much as possible. This is where they'll have the best effect in keeping dry skin and itchiness at bay. Beard Balms are an awesome product to keep the hairs themselves from getting dry and brittle. More heavy duty conditioners like lanolin and coconut oil help the balms penetrate the strands of hair and deeply condition. I've also found that beard balm can also help lock away moisture for longer, keeping your beard looking and feeling great all day.

3. Trust your barber.

This is a good tip for the whole year, but your barber probably knows more than you'd think about keeping your beard in top shape. If you're having trouble with split ends or stubborn patches, your barber can probably help you out.

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