3 Low Key BC Roadtrips for the Last Days of Summer

With summer winding to a close, many of us feel the urge to capture the last few weeks of warmth and sunlight before the rains come again. We've got you covered with 3 easy one-day roadtrips from Vancouver, that showcase some of the gems that BC has to offer in late summer.

The Fraser Valley

Admittedly, I often overlook the Fraser Valley when it comes to planning trips out of the city. Maybe it's because it seems too easy, and too close, for a proper roadtrip - but the valley boasts some of the best food and drink stops in the area, and there are plenty of hidden gems to keep you coming back, right into fall.

Krause Berry Farms

Berry picking, waffles and a pie to bring home - what else are you looking for? Krause is definitely a popular destination, but the fruits on display are worth the crowd.

BC Ale Trail

Between Langley and Chilliwack lays about a half-dozen breweries that make up the BC Ale Trail. Draw straws for Designated Driver, and swing by for relaxing beer gardens, great food, (and maybe even a cheeky brewery tour?)

Don't forget your growlers to bring home more than memories!

Prehistoric Fishing

Now would be a great time to call up your buddy with a boat - or if you aren't that lucky, book a tour for a day of Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser. These gigantic fish are largely unchanged since prehistoric times, and can get up to 3 metres long, tipping the scales at over 1000 pounds! (450kg)

To protect the fish, it's strictly catch and release on the river, so make sure to bring along a camera to capture the bragging rights!

Bowen Island

If I told you that a hike through pristine coastal Old Growth forests, where you can't hear even a hint of city noise, is less than 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver, you probably wouldn't think of Bowen Island.

The ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay is only 20 minutes, and Bowen Island has plenty to offer for a day-tripper.

In "Uptown Bowen", you'll find great food and shopping, if that's your thing. Head out of town for great hiking up Mt. Gardner, or visit any of the beaches on the island for a day of relaxing (or flipping rocks over to catch crabs!)

For the more motivated among us, there is also plenty to do on the waters around the island. Rent sea kayaks for an unbeatable perspective on the shore, or book time with the saltwater fishing tours on the island for something to remember.


Farther along the 99 Highway than Whistler, Pemberton is definitely a trek, but also very doable for a day-trip. Late summer is when the u-pick berries are at their best, so be sure to carve out some time to get your hands dirty.

In town, historic buildings, breweries and more will keep you busy, and for the more adrenaline seeking, be sure to check out the river rafting or mountain biking options as well.

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