3 B.C Hikes You Definitely Haven't Heard Of

Did you know that BC encompasses 944,735 km² - more than France and Germany combined, and more than 4 times as large as Great Britain? It's no wonder then, that BC has it's fair share of hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track treasures.

So, as advertised, 3 awe-inspiring BC hikes that you definitely haven't heard of yet:

East Beach Trail (90km total)

If you're a fan of solitude, and maybe a little suffering on your hikes, then the East Beach Trail is for you.

There are several day-trip length hikes along the way, but the entire trail takes a few days. On day one, it's likely you'll come to the Pesuta shipwreck - the site of an old log barge, jutting from the windswept sand like a breaching whale.

Pesuta Shipwreck Haida Gwaii

There are shelters nearby to stay for Day 1, and from there, you'll really be roughing it. It's important to time your departure with the tide, as you'll be walking along the base of cliffs for much of Day 2. Time it wrong, and you're sure to get wet feet (or worse). Day 3 takes you to Cape Fife, and the cedar long-house style shelter

The beach isn't steep or difficult, but the weather can sometimes have other ideas. Be sure to pack rain gear, and be ready to handle yourself out there alone.

Watersprite Lake (~20km)

Slightly closer to Vancouver, and accessible from Squamish, the Watersprite Lake trail is doable in a single day, but an overnight stay at the lake is also a great option.

Depending on the time of year, the hike varies in difficulty, and a 4x4 is certainly helpful to get to the trailhead.

The trek through the mountains to the lake is relatively well travelled, and there is a shelter completed by the BCMC that sleeps between 10-15.

Brew Lake Trail

This hike was my first overnight trek, and our leisurely pace meant that the difficult hike took us over 2 days. Expect to do some hiking through dense brush, and up a few rockslides. At the top, snow can be found into the summertime, so be sure to pack appropriately.

There is a shelter at the top of the trail, but the surrounding area rarely, if ever, seems to thaw. We pitched our tent on the dense brush, and it kept us plenty comfortable.

The way down is much easier than the ascent, so a day is likely plenty.

Did we let the secret out about your favourite trail? Let us know down below, and be sure to drop any tips about trails that we missed!

Thanks for reading!

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