Botanical Facts | Panthenol for Skin & Hair

Join Tyler as he discussed how and why we use Panthenol in so many of our products!

What is Panthenol?

Panthenol is a naturally-occurring substance that can be found in both plant and animal cells - It is basically a version of pantothenic acid or Vitamin B-5, an essential nutrient.

Almost all food items that we consume will contain at least some pantothenic acid. The Panthenol that we use at Peregrine is lab synthesized to ensure that it is safe and reliable to use every time.

Why use Panthenol?

In Skincare

Panthenol is great at improving the feel and appearance of skin over time, and can help tackle problem skin by:

  • Smoothing & softening skin for a more even appearance and softer feel
  • Reducing redness & inflammation to regulate skin tone and the appearance of blemishes.
  • Improving skin's elasticity to reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Attracting moisture to the skin to reduce dryness

Panthenol is also great at activating certain types of cells that are central in wound healing, which helps it to deal with minor nicks & cuts from shaving, as well as other types of blemishes.

Finally, Panthenol can help to restore the skin's natural barriers that help protect it from drying out, as well as other environmental stresses.

In Haircare

Panthenol is also great as an addition in haircare, and the moisturizing properties that Panthenol has for skin, also apply to our scalp and hair.

It can help to reduce itchiness and dryness on our scalp, and will smooth & lubricate the strands of our hair, which can reduce frizz and dryness, without being heavy or greasy.

Panthenol also boosts both softness and shine in our hair, making it a great addition to products like conditioners.

Thanks for reading!

-Tyler at Peregrine


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