Father's Day Interviews - Brian Hill

Meet Brian! Brian is 9-5 government stiff and a 24-hour father to two young boys. Brian has taught us a lot about embracing your individuality and not bending to the status quo.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Brian Hill. You could say I am a 50-something white-cis-hetero-male-settler-of-privilege. That is true. I am also the father of two beautiful boys (4 and 6) and husband to an amazing woman. We live in Lekwungen territory, in Victoria, BC. I work in the Ministry of Children and Family Development as a manager type. 

Worst advice someone's given you?

Once, long ago, a friend urged me to fight a guy who was upset that I had asked his girlfriend if I could kiss her. That was bad advice. Instead I told the guy I hadn't known the woman had a boyfriend and congratulated him on having a beautiful girlfriend.

What's the difference between masculinity and toxic masculinity to you? or alternatively what does masculinity mean to you?

I would say the difference is about the nature of power. Toxic masculinity seeks power over others. Non-toxic is powerful and respectful of others at the same time.

What is one thing you wish men would be more open about?

Their weaknesses.



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