Holiday Shipping and Fulfillment

With less than a month to go, our team is gearing up for some very busy weeks ahead! Here is the critical information, and common questions that come up around this time of year:

Will my items arrive in time for Christmas?

We can only control the speed that we process orders - choosing the correct shipping method is critical for having your items arrive on time. If you did not choose the shipping method named "Guaranteed Holiday Shipping", it will not arrive on time, regardless of the price displayed.

Our Guaranteed Holiday Shipping option is the only option that is guaranteed, and the price will increase as follows to ensure the item arrives on time:

Note, the following information is for Canada only.  

  • Until Dec. 10th : $6.00 Flat Rate, Free over $60
  • Dec. 11th - Dec. 19th : $20.00 Flat Rate, Free over $100
  • Dec. 20th - 23rd : $35.00 Flat Rate, No Free Shipping Option

These deadlines are for the USA.

  • Until Dec. 9th : $6.00 Flat Rate, Free over $60
  • Dec. 10th - Dec. 12th : $25.00 Flat Rate, Free over $100
  • Dec. 13th - 18th : $50.00 Flat Rate, No Free Shipping Option

As your can probably tell, it pays to have your last-minute orders in before these deadlines.

When will my order ship?

We are working to have all orders processed and shipped within 24 hours of placement. Note that orders will not ship out on weekends. You will receive updates when the order ships.


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