You might be sabotaging your shave

If you take a look online, there are a million different pieces of advice on how to get a close, more comfortable shave. Some are more helpful than others, but to me, the secret was always in the preparation.

There are 3 specific practices that I personally use to get that perfect shave on my neck and cheeks, the areas that are the most prone to sensitivity and irritation.

Wash your face

Quickly washing your face before you shave can make a big difference in keeping ingrown hairs and bumps under control by removing dead skin and cleaning out your pores.

If I plan on shaving that morning, I'll wash my face in the shower with hot water - as hot as possible without burning my skin. This helps open your pores to allow the soap to clean deeper and remove excess oil and debris from your skin. Our Shave Soap is great for this, as it doubles as a lightly-exfoliating face wash. 

Use Preshave Oil

Right after the shower, while my pores are still open, I'll smooth a few drops of preshave oil over my skin and let it sink in for a minute or two. The oil will help to keep your pores open as you shave, and promote healing in the upper layers of skin. The oil is also slightly thicker than our beard oils, and will act as an additional layer of protection against the blade as you shave. Apply you shave soap of choice over the oil and get to shaving

Go slow, and rinse often

This one took the longest for me to learn, and is a quick, easy way to make your shave more comfortable. Use short strokes, and go with the grain to keep irritation under control. Rinse the blade in the skin after each stroke to keep it from clogging up. Cold water is best to rinse with as it helps to control inflammation.

Once you've finished your shave, rinse with plenty of cold water and finish with an aftershave to clean your skin and keep your skin feeling awesome all day!

Don't forget to share with your fellow shavers, and leave your comments below! We'd love to hear your best shaving tips!

Stay awesome!

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