Why you don't need beard softener

We get it, there's more beard products on the market than ever, and it can get pretty confusing on what you actually need. One of the easiest things you can do to simply your routine is to ditch the conditioner if you use it. There are plenty out there, designed to work alongside beard washes and replace the moisture in your beard, and I'm sure that they all work fine and well at their job.

But it isn't necessary in the first place.

Most beard washes out there work pretty much the same as shampoo for your head. A higher detergent content strips oils and debris from you beard and skin, technically leaving it clean, but dry and brittle as well. Oftentimes, this is where the source of most of the itchiness and flakiness in your beard comes from - especially if you use your beard wash often.

This is where the beard conditioners come in. Most beard conditioners contain emulsified oils, and some other less-desirable ingredients like silicones and parabens. They will replace the oils that your beard wash stripped away, making it feel softer and hydrated, but the chemical residues can build up over time on your beard and skin. This limits their ability to breathe and absorb nutrients from your beard oils, and can lead to clogged pores.

Luckily, there is a better way!

Our Face and Beard Soap is made using traditional soap-making methods, and takes advantage of a technique called Superfatting. We covered this in more detail in this post, if you're interested. Basically, Superfatting our soaps allows us to add in hydration in the form of unsaponified, (or un-reacted) fats. These vegetable fats will condition and hydrate as you wash, making a follow-up with a conditioner unnecessary.

The soap base is also much milder than the common detergents in your average beard wash, meaning that it will refresh your beard and skin, but doesn't strip the natural oils nearly as much. Think of our Face and Beard Soap then, as a two-in-one product, washing and conditioning in one easy step. 

Finally, because we use natural vegetable fats as the base for our soaps, you get a serious nutrient boost from using it. Vitamins A, B and E from cold-pressed avocado oil are my personal faves, they strengthen and nourish your skin while you wash, reducing problems like flakiness and itch!

The result? Clean and comfortable skin that is ready to go, and a lush, shiny beard in one step. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

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