What is it?

Beeswax is a waxy substance produced by various species of honeybee in the construction of honeycombs and beehives

How is it made?

Our beeswax is produced in the Fraser Valley by a single producer. The wax is taken from the hives during the honey extraction process, where the wax is melted down and any foreign particles and filtered out. The bees are not harmed during the production of beeswax

Why use it?

Beeswax is an excellent barrier-forming agent, meaning that it can help to protect the skin and hair from external stresses and retain moisture. We use beeswax in our beard balms to add a medium-strength, natural feeling hold, as well as a healthy shine.

What is it used in?

We use beeswax in our Beard Balms and Mustache Waxes

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