Bentonite Clay

What is it?

Bentonite Clay is a naturally occurring clay from volcanic ask sediments

How is it made?

Bentonite Clay is surfaced mined from volcanic sediment beds in Wyoming. The mining is done in accordance with environmental standards, and no ground water pollution, excessive erosion due to mining, or other negative environmental effects have been reported. As a result, we are confident that the Bentonite Clay extracted for our uses meets the standards set out by the Guardian Model.

Why use it?

We use Bentonite Clay in two ways, and it boasts significant benefits for both. Bentonite Clay offers a fantastic addition to our Shave Soaps, as the addition of the clay adds slip and glide to the lather, making shaving easier and more comfortable. Bentonite is also used in our Detox family of face care products, as it offers significant toxin absorption, and gently exfoliates the skin. Bentonite also contains over 70 trace minerals, which can contribute to overall skin health.

What is it in?

We use Bentonite Clay in our Shave & Face Soap, Detox Face Soap and Clay & Coal Face Masks.

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