Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Sorbic Acid

What is it?

This blend of components makes up our preservative base, along with vegetable glycerin.

How is it made?

Production of the preservative base meets both ECO-CERT standards, as well as the standards set out in our Guardian Model. This means that human, animal and environmental health and sustainability are protected.

Why use it?

We have chosen to use this preservative base, as it balances both effectiveness, and conformity to our Guardian Model. The biodegradability and eco-sustainability of the base just add to the benefits.

Most common preservative bases use either parabens, which do not fit within the Guardian Model, or 'formaldehyde donors', which release formaldehyde at a microbial level. While the levels of formaldehyde released by these systems are safe when used at industry standards, there have been some concerns about carcinogenic and hormone disruption from similar products.

What is it in?

We use this preservative base in our Aftershave Tonics, Body Washes, and Clay & Coal Face Masks

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