Pomace Oil

What is it?

Pomace Oil is oil extracted after the initial mechanical press of oils from olive pulp.

How is it made?

Pomace Oil is extracted from the olive pulp using solvents, meaning that the oil is chemically dissolved from the pulp to remove. This is a common technique used to fully extract oils from a variety of sources. The extraction of Pomace Oil meets the requirements set out in the Guardian Model.

Why use it?

We use Pomace Oil in our soap bases, where it lends mildness and helps to create a harder bar, that lasts longer in the shower. In combination with the other base oils that we use, Pomace Oil also contributes to a dense, fluffy lather

What is it in?

We use Pomace Oil in the soap bases for our Face and Beard Soap, Shave and Face Soap and Detox Face Soap

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