Superfatting | A Primer

What is it?

Superfatting is a technique that we use in our soap-making techniques that allows additional fats in the soap to remain partially or completely unsaponified. Saponification is the chemical process by which the vegetable fats that we use in our soap bases react with a basic solution to become soap. These fat molecules are interspersed between the soap molecules, lending a wonderful conditioning and moisturizing effect as you wash

Why use it?

We superfat our soaps to increase their mildness and allow them to hydrate and condition your skin and hair, without the need for a secondary product like a wash-our conditioner or lotion. The additional fat molecules will moisturize without leaving behind any greasiness or heaviness. In our Face and Beard Soap, for example, the addition of "Superfats" will allow the soap to cleanse your face and beard, removing dirt, sweat and any particles, without stripping the natural oils that keep your beard from becoming dry, brittle and itchy.

What products use superfatting?

We use Superfatting in all of our soaps, including our Face and Beard Soap, Shave and Face Soap and Detox Face Soap.

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