The Guardian Model

Sustainable and responsible practices don't just happen. It takes time and diligence to make sure that the end result of our actions is a positive one. That's why we've devised a formal set of rules and guidelines that we call the Guardian Model. In short, the Guardian Model is all about preserving the long term health and sustainability of our planet, and the people and animals who live here. We work hard to ensure that our ingredients and processes balance natural origin, sustainability, responsibility and efficacy.

Each and every ingredient or process that we use goes through the Guardian Model checklist to ensure that it works with out vision and duties to others.

In addition to guiding our ingredients choices, the Guardian Model also helps us decide what causes we choose to support, and plays a big role in finding partners to support those causes.

And of course, we carefully consider some of the most important information available—your feedback! We welcome your input on how we can do more good for you, your community and your planet. If you have a suggestion, or are looking to get involved, just give us a shout!

Our standards for "safe" & "natural"

  • Ingredients should be sourced or derived from nature whenever possible, with as minimal processing as possible
  • Any synthetic ingredients should have excellent safety and environmental ratings, and comply with the other points below.
  • Products are free of harmful synthetics, colors, fragrances and preservatives. Ingredient safety is judged based on ratings and recommendations from outside organizations like ECO-CERT, EWG and others.
  • Ingredient processing that ensures long-term health and sustainability of all involved.
  • Animal ingredients that are non-invasive and ensure the health and well-being of the animals involved
  • None of our products are tested on animals

Our Standards for sustainability

  • Products that originate from renewable plant and animal sources with long term health being ensured
  • Striving to reduce waste with recyclable packaging and the use of post-consumer inputs for packaging
  • Working with our partners to reduce the impact of our practices, and the practices of others.

Our standards for responsibility

  • Value for our customers and clients
  • Ensuring that we have an excellent understanding of the processes and additional inputs used to create our raw ingredients, and how they affect the end product and the people, animals and environment involved
  • Transparency relating to our ingredients, how they are produced and why we use them
  • Sourcing from suppliers and regions that support human rights 
  • True and un-exaggerated claims regarding the benefits of our products
  • Compliance with the governing bodies that regulate our products (Health Canada, FDA, etc)


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