The 'Un-Beard'

The 'Un-Beard'

Something that I'm sure that you've noticed over the past decade or so, (and a fact that my grandma isn't particularly fond of) is the proliferation of beards. Big beards, small beards, every size and shape of beard has appeared and stuck on guys around the world. 

We think this is awesome - we're all for people growing out their beards and embracing the growing beard culture.

Man with beard in a red sweater by blue brick wall

Most of us seem to be responsible beard owners that care for their beards, regardless of how they look. The rest are a sad bunch who think that the only think needed to grow a beard is to throw their razor out and start fighting bears. I call them "Un-beardsmen". These guys are often the first to proclaim that they're "REAL MEN" by virtue of their facial hair alone. 

These guys are the college bros of the bearding world.

frat boy

Working for Peregrine means that sometimes, I do come across these guys. They puff their chests out and take pride in the frizzy mess on their face. A few notable bros exclaim, partly to us, partly to anyone in the area with ears, that grooming their beard is "for women and pussies" (their words, not mine).

But the fact of the matter is that these guys have bad beards, plain and simple. Itchy, scraggly and dirty looking beards. Not only do are they not doing them selves any favours, they are doing serious damage to Beard Culture as a whole.

A man should be able to take pride in his appearance, and knows that first impressions count. Beard Bros instill in people who don't know better that your average Beardsman is lazy, rude and doesn't know that the persona that he exudes opens and closes opportunities for him. 

You have to take care of your beard, and it will take care of you and keep you looking and feeling awesome. A well groomed beard practically oozes gravitas.

Now, we embrace certain aspects of the 'just-grow' mentality. Growing a Yeard, for example, is a great way to see what sort of beard that your face is capable of. But any beard worth growing takes care and attention to reach it's full potential. And, we must admit, that ever so rarely, an ungroomed beard defies the laws of nature and enhances a man's appearance.

businessman with beard

But, for the vast majority of us, myself included, a few simple steps are necessary:

  • Wash every second (or third) day with a good quality Beard Wash
  • Use a Beard Brush or comb daily to detangle and maintain a style
  • Condition, hydrate and strengthen your beard with a Beard Oil, or Balm (we actually recommend both, find out why.)
  • Don't be afraid to let your barber clean up your beard. (Or learn to do it yourself!)
  • Take pride in taking care of your beard - more often than not, it's the first thing that people notice about you.


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