The Zen of Beard Care - Tips for any length

Something that I'm sure that you've noticed over the past decade or so, (and a fact that my grandma isn't particularly fond of) is the proliferation of beards. Big beards, small beards, every size and shape of beard has appeared and stuck on guys around the world. 

We think this is awesome - we're all for people growing out their beards and embracing the growing community around beard culture. We firmly believe that all beards are worth growing.

However, cultivating a winning beard takes more than just throwing away your razor. You have to take care of your beard, and it will take care of you. How much maintenance your beard needs will be different for all of us.

A well groomed beard practically oozes gravitas, and should be a reflection of yourself and how you want to wear your beard. 

Take pride & actively maintain your beard

Your beard will need some maintenance at all lengths to stay clean & comfortable, just like the hair on your head. Taking pride in your beard, and understanding that first impressions matter, is key.

The toolkit is pretty basic -  a good brush and a beard oil are must-haves, as they'll help to keep your beard neat, soft and comfortable to have on your face. Common issues like itch, redness & sensitivity and blemishes are also much easier to control when your skin and hair is properly maintained.

Comparison is the enemy of happiness

We believe that all beards are worth growing if they're wanted. Each of us will have their own issues to deal with on the road to a great beard, and it's important to have an idea of what you're working towards.

Do you want a simple, short and tidy beard? Great.

Looking for something longer and fuller? Go for it.

Take responsibility for what your beard needs, and take pride in maintaining it. Comparing yourself constantly to other's is not a path to satisfaction with what you have, as the goalposts are always moving.

Any beard worth growing takes care and attention to reach it's full potential. This doesn't mean fussing or stressing about your beard, or how it compares to someone else's - it simply means that care and attention are required to get the most out of the experience.

The basics of Beard Care, at any length:

For the vast majority of us, myself included, a few simple steps are necessary to get the best out of our beards:

  • Wash every second (or third) day with a good quality Beard Wash to keep your skin exfoliated and your beard clean from dirt, sweat or food.
  • Use a Beard Brush or comb daily to detangle and maintain a style. This will help to keep your beard looking neat, and tangles at bay.
  • Condition, hydrate and strengthen your beard with a Beard Oil, or Balm (we actually recommend both, find out why.)
  • Don't be afraid to let your barber clean up your beard. (Or learn to do it yourself!)
  • Take pride in taking care of your beard - more often than not, it's the first thing that people notice about you.


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