Washing your Beard - Quick Guide

By this point, I'd hope that we're all familiar with washing our faces. Our mommas raised us right, right?

But adding a beard to the equation can often cause some confusion. How often should I wash my beard? What products do I need? The list can easily get longer than the beard in question.

Luckily, beard washing is pretty simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

How Often Should I Wash?

This one kinda depends on your daily life. A general rule of thumb to follow is to clean your beard with a wash every few days (2-3 is a good place to start). This allows you to get rid of oil, dirt and dead skin buildup, without causing any dryness or brittleness in your beard.

On days that you aren't going for a full wash, just get in there with some warm water to refresh your beard and skin. The shower is usually the best place for this one, unless you like a lake forming on the countertop!

I've Heard of Co-Washing, what's the deal?

Co-Washing (sometimes called conditioner-washing), is not a new phenomenon in hair care, by any means. In short, co-washing means using shampoo and conditioners at the same time to clean your beard, while getting some conditioning benefit simultaneously.

Co-washing is a great option for those beards that seem to accumulate more dirt than average. Frequent washing can cause some damage to your beard, and co-washing is a great way to mitigate that damage.

What products do I need?

This is another easy one. For most cases, a well formulated, preferably natural soap is more than enough cleaning power. Beard conditioners are another relatively common product to see on store shelves, and they tend to work nicely alongside most liquid washes, to replace the moisture and natural oils that are removed during washing.

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If you're looking for a simpler, cost effective Co-Washing option, our Face and Beard Soap might be the right fit. We produce our soaps using traditional cold-process methods, meaning that the soaps are mild enough for use on your beard, as well as the skin underneath. The bars are also large enough for a few months of regular use.

As a bonus, we're able to pack serious conditioning power into the bar with a technique called Superfatting. The result is a single product that achieves the same result as a more complicated and pricey Co-Washing regimen.

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I'd love to hear if you guys have any more tips for getting your beard squeaky-clean. Comment below with your pro-tips!

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