What is it?

Glycerin, also known as glycerol and glycerine, is a non-toxic odorless, colorless viscous liquid that is slightly sweet tasting. It is the backbone of all animal and vegetable fats - also referred to as triglycerides.

How is it made?

Glycerin is derived from hydrolysis of vegetable oils. The glycerin is distilled to increase its concentration and undergoes a carbon bleaching process to obtain a highly pure ingredient that we use in our products but could also be used in food and pharmaceuticals.

Why use it?

We use glycerin to help the skin to attract and retain its own natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. Rather than sitting on top of the skin, glycerin softens the skin while permitting it to breathe.

What is it in?

We use glycerin in our Aftershave Tonics and Body Washes 

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