What is it?

Lanolin is a fatty substance produced by several breeds of domesticated sheep. The lanolin acts as a protective barrier against environmental stresses, and helps to keep the sheep's wool and skin healthy and protected.

How is it made?

Lanolin is derived from commercial wool production. The wool is washed to remove the lanolin, and any other foreign particles. The lanolin is then refined with centrifuge separators until it becomes the final, pure product that we use.

Why use it?

Lanolin is an excellent product to provide a barrier against environmental stresses, like wind, rain and cold. It will help to keep skin and hair soft, moisturized and tangle free. Lanolin is also great for use in mustache waxes to keep the hair in place, even in high humidity and rainy situations.

What is it used in?

We use lanolin in our Beard Balms, and Mustache Waxes

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